When looking for the best custom-writing company to order your papers from, few factors are influencing your decision. First of all, you are looking for high quality and you want to get it for an affordable price. However, even the best writers who work for the cheapest quotes per page would be worthless to you if the website you chose didn’t offer a reliable customer support system.

Thus, you should always pay attention to the support functions of the company you are interested in hiring. Besides reading reviews written by real customers (which are the most reliable guide towards a company that meets your criteria), you can also evaluate the support system of a particular service by paying attention to the type of customer service offered, the number of contact options, and the ability to choose VIP support as an additional feature.

The Importance of a Customer Support System

Why do you need a customer support system when you want to simply place an order and get an essay on time? The truth is, sometimes things can go wrong and the writer may misunderstand the guidance provided in the order form, so you will need to rely on the customer support agents in order to ask for revisions.

You may also think of additional instructions you want the writer to take into consideration, and that would be impossible without a reliable system of customer support that enables you to provide them through a representative or directly to the writer.

Long story short, a company that doesn’t offer trustworthy customer service is not worthy of your attention. You should always look for a service that’s available to answer to your questions and take additional requirements 24/7.

How Does an Effective Customer Support Center Work?

There are several contact options that most custom-writing services provide. The first thing you should be looking at is the Live Chat feature if it is operational 24/7, then the service is worthy of your attention. There are exceptions from this rule, such as EssayJedi. com, where the majority of issues are sorted out directly between the customers and their writers. This type of services do offer support from a reliable third party, but that option is usually available via email.

You can easily test a website’s Live Chat feature by asking a random question associated to the order you want to place. The approach of the representative will tell you a lot about the company’s work some agents are friendly and knowledgeable, so they can provide all information you need without any delay. The agents at other websites, however, are too «pushy» and keep telling you to place the order as soon as possible. That is not the type of service you want to hire.

In addition to the 24/7 Live Chat feature, some of the most reliable companies in this industry enable you to contact their customer support representative via telephone numbers, Skype call, and email.

Writer Collaboration as Part of the Support Functions

Besides paying attention to the support functions provided by the company’s customer service center, you should also be interested in the ability to contact the writer of your project directly. Most of the companies with high reputation on the market enable you to do so, while others don’t provide that advantage for their customers.

It is very important to be able to collaborate with your writer, since that’s the only way to keep track of your order’s progress and make sure that it’s going the right way. You should be able to ask questions directly to the writer and provide your feedback on the parts of the paper that are ready. In addition, the writer should take your supplementary instructions into consideration.

VIP Support Is It Worth Paying For?

Some companies offer VIP Support as an additional feature to the orders, which usually costs around $10. Let’s make this clear: spending that extra amount is totally worth it for the most important academic projects. This option puts the customer service representatives at your disposal for 100% satisfaction and guarantees that you will always have a priority as a customer of «higher class».

Takes things even further by offering you to get a personal order manager who will track your order’s status and take care of your inquiries for only $1. 15.

Beware of Companies That Are Not There For You

If a custom-writing service isn’t able to provide the support you need, then the the progress of your order can easily take the wrong turn. When ordering papers online, the last thing you want to deal with is a stressful procedure, so you should always make sure to hire a reliable service that provides a high level of support for its customers.

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